Wednesday, March 21, 2012

48 hours of prayer & panalog.

Wow.  Next time we are asking for prayer sooner.  Take a look at the healing that has happened on Mike's neck.  Thank you to so many of you out there who read this blog and faithfully pray for us.  It is humbling.  The other thing Mike did (probably as a result of people praying) was start using what our family knows as "wound dressing" or Panalog on the refuse-to-heal sore.

As you might know, Mike's dad Dr. Harold "Buck" Blanc was our town's veterinarian for years and years.  Their family grew up enjoying the wonders of this magic yellow lotion that seems to heal just about everything it touches.  It is only technically available through an animal care professional for your pet, but I personally recommend 'borrowing some' from your pet. I could not count the number of times the kids had 'something' that we would turn to each other and say "time to try some wound dressing on it".  Once again, it - coupled with the prayers of the saints - has worked wonders.

I happened to ask our pharmacist about it today while showing him the before and after photos of Mike's sore.  He wisely said that it is not that the panalog is not safe for humans, it is just that human medical care is more about politics now than providing what people really need. I am just glad to see that awful thing healed.  I am thankful for prayer... and the magic yellow goo in the tiny bottle with the red cap. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

radiation recall.

Radiation Recall or Radiation Sucks. You pick the title.  Yes, I should probably be continually thankful for the radiation that potentially obliterated the cancer with everything else in its path, but radiation of the head and neck is tough stuff.  I do not have an obsession with posting gross pictures.  Rather I wanted to ask for prayer.  This spot on Mike's neck at the edge of the radiation field only gets bigger and does not seem to heal so I am posting the photos to say we would covet your prayers.  We visited Dr. Lydiatt's office at UNMC when we saw the swallowing specialist last month and were told it is a breakdown in his epidermis (skin) called 'radiation recall'.  Let's ask God to recall it. It worries me.

Also glad we have an appointment with Dr. Bruce Haughey in St. Louis on April 10th.