Sunday, October 28, 2012

kind of funny.

As previously mentioned, Mike and I are on a quest to recover successfully from the cancer journey.  This is a many faceted task, but in our research this quest took us to see Dr. Todd Frisch in St. Louis in September.  We were most interested in finding help for Mike's irritating post-radiation side effects.  I have also been aware that my immune system had taken a real hit.
 (Cancer Journey + Move + New Baby + Wedding = Not as vibrant Karen)

It would be hard to sum up the scope of this kind & brilliant man's work.  But he brought clarity and insights that we needed, and shed much light where we had no answers.  I could write pages and pages... but this is what I wanted to share in today's post: 

Part of Dr. Frisch's examination included having adrenal tests - which is having our saliva tested.  We had to put a small pad in our mouths at specified times throughout a 24 hour period.  We sent them off in the little glass tubes and awaited the lab results.

In a nutshell, Mike got an almost perfect report.  To quote Dr. Todd on the report that arrived later "Your test is remarkably good considering your health scare." Also "amazing and quite unexpected!"

And the funny part (well, not really) was that my report of concerns was almost two pages long.  I have an elevated cortisol load and depressed 17-OH progesterone to name a few. This totally synced with the not-as-vibrant symptoms I had been having.  I guess it was comforting that Dr. Frisch said that it was very common for him to see these imbalances for the caretaker after a medical roller coaster ride.  Thankfully, we have a good plan in place to get me up and running again.

Let us just say - we are extremely thankful that in God's good providence we discovered Dr. Todd Frisch.  The world would be a better place if there were more doctors like him in practice.  Please feel free to visit his web site if you are interested at  And if you live in the St. Louis area you might want to make an appointment.